Wood Crates For Sale

MINIMUM ORDER REQUIREMENTS - SPECIFIED IN SALE ADS. Wood crates have become an indispensable storage and shipping option for most companies. New or used, wood crates make handling, carrying and storing products easier and more efficient. But, why build new wooden shipping crates when you can buy used ones from Container Exchanger and save yourself the hassle? Due to import regulations, imported wood crates must be heat-treated, thus making them reusable as shipping crates for other products for export.

Take a look at our wide selection of storage supplies and used wood crates for sale. Find used wooden shipping crates at prices much lower than building or buying new shipping crates. These boxes and extra large wooden crates for sale provide a very flexible packaging option because they are cheap enough to be used as a one-way shipping option.

Container Exchanger strives to keep your business viable with green solutions. We have partnered with freight companies throughout North America, we’ll help save money on shipping costs too. Inquire on one of the item pages and our packaging experts will confirm availability and quote freight for you. Shop our new and used wood crates for sale today!

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