For Sale
Wood Crates: USED Heavy Duty 4'x2.5'x1.5' collapsible wood crates

Item Code S005014
Quantity Available 25
Dimensions 47.75" x 31.5" x 17.5" (Length x Width x Height)
Condition Used
Collapsible Collapsible
Import/Export Compliance Heat Treated
Lids Detached Lids Available
Capacity lbs.
Weight lbs.
Price (ea) $39.90
Location Ohio - OH, USA
Additional Information Minimum Order 25 Crates.....

good crates used to ship heavy pumps. They typically handle up to 2000-3000#.

Price includes the bottom skid and two collapsible sections. Additional sections may be available. We will have ~5-10/week

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