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Wood Crates: NEW 90" x 42" x 46" Padded shipping / storage crate

Item Code S004920
Quantity Available 4
Location Colorado - CO, USA
Price (ea) $437.50
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Originally built to ship parts back to Korea in, but ended up not needing them. They have been kept in our warehouse for a couple years and now it's time to get rid of them. The insides of the crates are lined with foam (2" on the bottom, 1" on all other sides) and have butterfly clamps that secure the door closed. The crates are 90" x 42" x 46" and sit on 4x4 cross beams. One of the crates is missing a leg, but can easily be fixed by putting a 4x4 where the leg use to be.
Dimensions 90" x 42" x 46" (Length x Width x Height)
Condition Used
Collapsible Rigid
Import/Export Compliance Heat Treated
Lids Attached Lids
Capacity lbs.
Weight lbs.
Used Wood Crates - NEW 90 Click to Enlarge
  • Used Wood Crates - NEW 90
  • Used Wood Crates - NEW 90
  • Used Wood Crates - NEW 90

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