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Best Prices for New & Used Warehouse Stack Racks

Cost-effective and space-saving, stack racks are, probably, one of the best storage systems in the industry for large and bulky items. Flexible and very portable, these industrial racks for sale can be configured to handle many items – from pipes to furniture, stackable pallet racks, carpets, or tires, and other long or bulky components. Each unit of stack racks are usually composed of a metal pallet base and either 4 individual uprights or an upright frame assembly. While most of the industrial racks for sale feature removable uprights – creating a compact storage solution – some don’t have this option incorporated.

If you are unable to find used stack racks to fit your needs, check out our collection of new racks. Some of the options we offer are collapsible or rigid, dimensions, and heavy-duty load capacity, and color, and if the size you need is not found, we do have CUSTOM industrial racks for sale as well. Container Exchanger strives to keep your business viable with green business practices. We have partnered with freight companies throughout North America, we’ll help save money on shipping costs too. Our list of available stackable racks can be found below.  Inquire on one of the item pages and our packaging experts will confirm availability and quote freight for you, or contact us for a quote on a custom rack.

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Image Item# Description Quantity Price
Used Stack Racks - Used 55x69x67" Stack Racks - Removable Posts S007554
Used 55x69x67" Stack Racks - Removable Posts
Condition: Used
Dimensions: 55" L X 69" W x 67" H
1500 $75.00
Used Stack Racks - Used 60x60x68 Stack Racks S007497
Used 60x60x68 Stack Racks
Condition: Used
Dimensions: 60" L X 60" W x 68" H
100 $100.00
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Suggested Applications

  1. Carpet, textile and fabric – Given that carpet and other textiles are various sizes when rolled up, our industrial racks for sale offer excellent storage options for industries that use carpet, fabric, and textiles. When your goods are originally brought into a warehouse they can be directly deposited into a rack. Once full, the rack can be stacked up with storage.
  2. Tires – Tires store extremely well on stack racks. The tires are stacked within the removable post. At their limit, these racks have the ability to stack up to five feet high (or higher) within your manufacturing facility/distribution center. This will give you more floor space for easy navigation throughout your facility. Many of our industrial racks for sale are available in a variety of options and styles to fit all of your business needs. Container Exchanger offers metal bases and wood bases, full bottom floors, individual posts, and bedsteads. Most of our styles and options of stack racks are made to hold the typical tire sizes 60 x 60 and 72 x 72.
  3. Pipes – Since stack racks come in a wide variety of lengths and configurations, they make an excellent storage solution for galvanized or PVC pipes. No matter what your size requirements may be, there certainly are available pipe racks for sale to meet your needs.

To explore your options, browse through Container Exchanger’s listings to find the perfect stack racks and storage racks for sale for your entire individual needs. Lean on our professional to assist you in securing and locating the right stack rack for your business.

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