Pallet Containers: Plastic Pallet Box

Item Code   W1160
Quantity Desired The customer's desired quantity, in pieces. 25
Dimensions Desired The customer's desired dimensions, formatted as Length x Width x Height, in inches. 48" x 45" x 34" (Length x Width x Height)
Condition Desired The customer's desired condition of the items, be it new, used, or refurbished.
Collapsibility Needed States if the customer needs the containers to be collapsible or rigid.
Lids Needed States whether the customer needs lids and in what configuration.
Capacity Needed States the customer's weight that will be contained in the load, ensure your box meets this minimum load requirement. lbs.
Ship to Location Desired ship to location for the wanted items. Connecticut - CT, USA
Additional Information Additional details on the customer's requirements can be found here. Looking to find Collapsible Plastic Pallet Boxes with dropdown door in the New England Area. It would be helpful to find orange or yellow color also.

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