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Pallet Containers: Used Orbis 62x48x34 Collapsible Bulk Containers - Black & Yellow

Item Code   S004771
Quantity Available   284
Location Indiana - IN, USA
Price (ea) $199.00 *minimums, price tiers listed below
Additional Information   6 pc minimum order
Add $10 each for less than truckload

13" collapsed height

All containers have been fully inspected and power washed, and are guaranteed to be in excellent condition. All Runners in are intact.

All Containers have black walls & yellow bases.
All containers have 2 doors on the long sides. Some may have doors on the 48" side as well.
Container Brand Orbis
Dimension 62" x 48" x 34" (Length x Width x Height)
Container Footprint 62" x 48"
Condition Used
Collapsible Collapsible
Lids No Lids
Capacity lbs.
Weight 206 lbs.
Pallet Container Features

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