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Pallet Containers: Used 45x48x34 Collapsible Pallet Containers, with Two Drop Doors- Mixed colors

Item Code   S003381
Quantity Available   2449
Location Ontario - ON, Canada
Price (ea) $130.00 *minimums, price tiers listed below
Additional Information   5 pc minimum
Add $10 ea for 5-19 pc orders
Add $5 ea for 20-49 pc orders

May be mixed colors. Units with one drop door available as well, inquiry for inventory.
Container Brand Other
Dimension 45" x 48" x 34" (Length x Width x Height)
Container Footprint 45" x 48"
Condition Used
Collapsible Collapsible
Lids No Lids
Capacity 2000 lbs.
Weight 140 lbs.
Pallet Container Features

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