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Pallet Containers: New 48x40x31 Vented Plastic Bulk Boxes

Item Code   S003489
Quantity Available   10000
Location Michigan - MI, USA
Price (ea) $145.00
Additional Information   Minimum order is 4 pcs
Add $10 ea for orders 4-19 pcs
Add $5 ea for orders 20-99 pcs
150 pcs per truckload

Two different runner configurations available, long side and integrated runners, see pictures for details

High Density polyethylene structural foam
These non-collapsible vented plastic bulk container are an excellent agricultural container. The vented sides keep produce safe and ventilated. You can choose which direction the runners go (40 or 48 in direction).

FDA approved materials, Virgin Materials Used
Lids can be purchased for $75 ea

Many color choices are available, Compatible lids are available!
Container Brand Other
Dimension 40" x 48" x 31" (Length x Width x Height)
Container Footprint 40" x 48"
Condition New
Collapsible Rigid
Lids Detached Lids Available
Capacity 1500 lbs.
Weight 74 lbs.
Pallet Container Features Plastic, Mesh Walls, Mesh Floor, Runners, 4-Way Entry, FDA Approved, Casters Available

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