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Pallet Containers: New 45x32x19 Rotational Molded Bins

Item Code   S002663
Quantity Available   100
Location Location Indiana - IN, USA
Price (ea) Price (ea) $190.00
Additional Information   New 45x32x19 Rotational Molded Bins. Different colors can be used to designate use in a specific plant area, or for a specific product line. Containers have forklift slots on all four sides for easy mechanical handling.

$350 set up fee for orders less than 100 pieces

10 pc minimum
Add $10 ea for orders 10-24 pcs
Add $5 ea for orders 25-99 pcs
Container Brand Container Brand Other
Dimension Dimension 45" x 32" x 19" (Length x Width x Height)
Container Footprint Container Footprint Other
Condition Condition New
Collapsible Collapsible Rigid
Lids Lids Detached Lids Available
Capacity Capacity lbs.
Weight Weight lbs.
Pallet Container Features Pallet Container Features
New Pallet Containers - New 45x32x19 Rotational Molded Bins Click to Enlarge
  • New Pallet Containers - New 45x32x19 Rotational Molded Bins

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