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Pallet Containers: New 30x32x19 Rotational Molded Bin

Item Code   S002660
Quantity Available   100
Location Location Indiana - IN, USA
Price (ea) Price (ea) $135.00
Additional Information   New 30x32x19 Rotational Molded Bins. Different colors can be used to designate use in a specific plant area, or for a specific product line. Containers have forklift slots on all four sides for easy mechanical handling.

$350 set up fee for orders less than 100 pieces

10 pc minimum
Add $10 ea for orders 10-24 pcs
Add $5 ea for orders 25-99 pcs
Container Brand Container Brand Other
Dimension Dimension 30" x 32" x 19" (Length x Width x Height)
Container Footprint Container Footprint 30" x 32"
Condition Condition New
Collapsible Collapsible Rigid
Lids Lids Detached Lids Available
Capacity Capacity lbs.
Weight Weight lbs.
Pallet Container Features Pallet Container Features
New Pallet Containers - New 30x32x19 Rotational Molded Bin Click to Enlarge
  • New Pallet Containers - New 30x32x19 Rotational Molded Bin

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