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Metal Bins: Used 103x19x21.5 Metal Totes with Lids- Opti-cases

Item Code   S001977
Quantity Available   14
Dimensions 103" L x 19" W x 22" H (Length x Width x Height)
Condition   Used
Collapsible Rigid
Dynamic Capacity lbs.
Weight 80 lbs.
Price (ea) $360.00
Location Texas - TX, USA
Additional Information   Used custom ATA CAT1 Opti-cases.
They have the normal wear and tear; scratches, marker writing, stickers that will be removed/residue cleaned and some off-white discoloration, but all are in great working condition.
They have six metal handles total, two on each side and two on each end. The lid has three latches on the front and a long hinge on the opposite side.

They all have Opti-case labels with serial numbers on each case for easy tracking during shipments. The corners are reinforced metal with depressions on the top corners for easy stacking.
Metal Bin Features Metal, Solid Walls, Solid Floor, Sealed Tub

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