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Insulated Containers: 48x42x46 Insulated Fish and Food Storage Containers

Item Code   S2994
Quantity Available   10000
Location New Brunswick - NB, Canada
Price (ea) Inquire for Price
Additional Information   * USDA, FDA, & CFIA Approved food grade Materials
* Containers are meant to be used along with ice
* Double-wall construction with polyurethane insulation in the walls
* Totes are stackable and rotatable
* Lids are INCLUDED with each tote, replacement lids available, and containers can be purchased without lids
* Internal Dims: 44.3 x 38.2 x 38.9
* 258 Gallon Capacity

Add $55 ea for orders 1 - 10 pcs
Add $17 ea for orders 11 - 25 pcs
Dimensions 43" x 48" x 46" (Length x Width x Height)
Condition   New
Capacity Gallons
Contruction Material Plastic
Lids Detached Lids Available
Dynamic Capacity lbs.
Weight 165 lbs.
Insulated Bin Features Plastic, FDA Approved, Insulated, Runners, Sealed Tub, 4-Way Entry

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