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Bulk Bags - FIBC: Refurbished 35x41x80 Spout Top and Bottom Bulk Bags

Item Code   S4000
Quantity Available   1500
Location Location Michigan - MI, USA
Price (ea) Price (ea) $7.50
Additional Information   200 bag minimum order.
Please add $.25 per bag for orders less than 600 bags.
Size: 35x41x80
Top: Spout
Bottom: Spout
Bag Type: U-panel
S.W.L.: 2205
S.F.: 5 to 1
Loops: 2" x 10"
Dimensions Dimensions 41" x 35" x 80" (Length x Width x Height)
Condition   Refurbished
Bag Configuration Bag Configuration Top: Spout Top, Bottom: Spout Bottom
Capacity Capacity 2205 lbs.
Weight Weight 8 lbs.
Quantity per Skid Quantity per Skid 200
Bulk Bag Features Bulk Bag Features

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